Harrison Funeral Home are a leading LGBT+ funeral directors in the UK, and the first to be featured on Pink Pages Online.

We specialise in delivering respectful final send-offs for all members of the rainbow community. We arrange meaningful funerals that treat the deceased individual and their family with dignity and respect, whether the person was out or not; religious or not; lesbian, gay, bi, trans, non-binary, questioning, intersex, and all that the LGBTQIA+ banner encompasses.

As a proud supporter of the LGBTQ+ community, we recognise that there is still a way to go within all sectors to better communicate and deliver support. Particularly in the funeral sector, discrimination is the last thing that anyone should have to face – bereavement is difficult enough without having to worry about acceptance.

A 2016 report from Marie Curie found that 74% of LGBT+ people were not confident that health and social care services provide adequate end of life care[i]. Whilst the report was more in relation to palliative care, where a group lacks confidence in the care they are entitled to in life, it follows that they would have the same low estimation for after life care (funerals and funeral homes). This, on both fronts, needs to change.

At Harrison’s, we recognise that LGBTQ+ people may have been previously discriminated against because of who they are. Whether it is the person who has died who was LGBT+, their partner, or family or friends, we provide a space that is welcoming to all. Making arrangements for a loved one’s final send-off is difficult enough without having to wonder whether treatment will change after sexuality, gender identity, or identity has been revealed. We want you to know that you can feel safe talking about whatever you need to in the confidence of our team.

Furthermore, we have actual, ‘boots on the ground’ experience as LGBT+ funeral directors, conducting services up and down the UK. Varying from quiet yet meaningful services, to the more lavish, and encompassing everything that is in between; from religious and traditional, to non-religious and non-traditional, we help families arrange a funeral that embraces the life and beliefs of the deceased.


Our support for the LGBT+ community is 100% and year-round.

For us, it is more than just business – it is personal. The people we love – members of our staff, families, and friends – are LGBTQIA+.

We believe that showing our support for the community cannot simply just be displaying a rainbow version of our company logo on social media for Pride Month and nothing more. We display a rainbow sticker in our branch windows to let the world know where we stand (as well as to signpost our friendliness!). We are also members of LGBT business associations and are currently mid an advocacy project for LGBT+ in the funeral sector.

It is very real to us that there is much work still to be done, and at Harrison’s, we are taking our commitment seriously. We look forward to updating you with our progress periodically.

We invite you to see our dedicated LGBT Funerals page on our website for more details.

If you would like to speak to someone, please call Bradley (he/him) at our Enfield branch

on 020 8819 3465 and he will be happy to help.

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